Surely you have already found a shoe that looked ultra comfortable and very trendy , but you ordered the wrong size and couldn't wear it because it pinched. Or maybe you even gave up on it, just for fear that it doesn't suit you?
This time is now over, because with the right measuring method and with the following measuring tips you will get the right shoe size for you in no time!
Measuring is actually quite easy, but you have to pay attention to a few aspects when choosing the shoe size: In summer it is very likely that your feet will swell due to the high temperatures and humidity. On the other hand, you wear thicker socks in winter, on cold days, so that your feet stay nice and warm. How to do that? Firstly, it is recommended that the shoe is slightly looser when trying it on. So make sure you add 1.5 cm to your foot length obtained after measuring shoe size before ordering your favorite pair.
To make measuring easier, bugatti has designed a size chart - a size chart for women's shoes and men's shoes - so that you can quickly answer the question " What shoe size am I?" one can get answer. With simple materials and four easy steps you will find out your number! Well, are you ready? Here we go!
You need this:
1 sheet of paper (size DIN A4)
1 pencil or pen
1 ruler
You have to do this:
Place the sheet of paper on the floor and place your foot in the very center.
Now draw the outline of your foot with a pencil or ballpoint pen. Start at the very front, on the big toe.
After drawing the outline, measure its length with the ruler. To ensure that the shoe fits comfortably, add 1.5 cm to the measured length.
With the help of the following size table for women's and men's shoes, you can now find out which shoe size suits you.

Ladies Size Chart

23.36 35 2.5 5
03/24 36 3 5.5
24.70 37 3.5 6
25.37 38 4 6.5
04/26 39 4.5 7
26.71 40 5 7.5
27.38 41 5.5 8th
05/28 42 6 8.5
28.72 43 6.5 9
29.39 44 7 9.5
Men's Size Chart

26.66 40 6 7
27.33 41 7 8th
28.00 42 7.5 8.5
28.67 43 8.5 9.5
29.34 44 9 10
01/30 45 10 11
30.68 46 11 12
31.35 47 11.5 12.5
32.62 48 12.5 13.5

It's best to go through these steps in the evening, as feet are usually tired and swollen after a long day on the move. This way you can be sure that your favorite pair of boots or sneakers will fit comfortably even late in the evening.
Have you now been able to measure the shoe size to choose the right pair? Then surf through the trendy bugatti shoe world and choose your favorite models! We hope you have fun!