The ideal shoe not only has to look good, it also has to feel perfect! That's why we at bugatti shoes place as much value on comfort and fit as we do on design and style.
Comfort Wide:
Additional space in the forefoot area for freedom of movement of the toes and ball of the foot.
Easy change:
Special removable footbed - exchangeable for individual insoles
Easy Lace:
Simply slip on, pull tight and you're done. Quick to put on and take off without lacing.
Extra convenience:
Simply removing the "Comfort Wide" cover sole creates an "Extra Wide" shoe.
extra wide:
Extra space in the forefoot area for freedom of movement of toes and balls.
Awesome Insole:
High-tech sole for walking as soft as moss and optimum shock absorption.
Soft fit:
Adaptable and soft high-tech insole made of "memory foam" for maximum comfort and more cushioning.
soft flex:
Particularly soft and flexible in the ball area.
Integrated soft gel cushion "Made in Germany" to cushion the step and relieve the joints.
Water-resistant, windproof and breathable high-tech membrane.
Thermal Insole:
Velvety-soft thermal soles with a fine aluminum layer ensure pleasantly warm feet when it's cold.
More information available soon.
SympaTex is waterproof, breathable and windproof.
Perfect Wide:
The bugatti shoes shaft width system for an optimal boot fit.
Perfect Small:
The bugatti shoes shaft width system for an optimal boot fit.
Elastic Lace:
Elastic laces
Care Instruction:
Just wipe with a damp cloth
Care Impregnate:
First try the care product / impregnation spray on the inside or flap.
Air series:
Ultimate lightness and ultra-light materials, easy-care, dimensionally stable and hard-wearing.
Dip & Dye:
Different color nuances are created by complex dyeing techniques.
Brilliant Light:
A new type of high-quality sole material makes this shoe "light as a feather".
Abrasion-resistant and flexible outsole for a comfortable new walking experience.
hand finish:
Due to the elaborate, manual two-tone finishing of the leather, each shoe is unique.
Used look:
Signs of use and irregularities are intended as a USED LOOK and are not a reason for complaint.
Stone washed:
Individual look thanks to the stone-washed finish. The stone wash creates the stylish effect. Each shoe is unique.
Real leather:
Perfect walking feeling thanks to real leather.