bugatti men - be yourself with bugatti shoes

New year, new resolutions! The winter holidays are over and now it's time to start thinking about the new year 2021. Whether you prefer it simple and elegant or colorful and playful, bugatti offers a wide variety of models so that you can choose the perfect shoe for your style and be relaxed all year round.

Business meetings and meetings where you have to score points with your style? The black Derby shoe from the Mattia II group impresses with its sober lines that go perfectly with a stylish suit. Or the comfortable Gagno lace-ups in light blue with a reptile pattern. The trendy casual business lace-up shoe from the Sandman group goes well with chinos and a fine T-shirt or shirt. The cut makes us think of a derby shoe, while the fashionable wedge sole and the cognac brown-dark blue combination make it look fashionable.

The fashionable lace-up shoe from the Cirino group is the perfect choice for sneaker lovers! Its trendy lines make it an excellent match for a casual shirt and jeans, and its fit ensures comfort. If you want something sporty, choose the loafers from the Baleno group in a red and black combination, which are easy to put on thanks to the sock construction and the easy lace function. The feather-light Kilawea sneaker in yellow and black ensures the perfect feeling during the sports units, with its high-tech sole ensuring walking comfort and comfort.