bugatti's top selection for the autumn-winter 2022 shoe trends

This summer has been fun and relaxing, but we still need to buckle up for the upcoming fall/winter season. Even though the weather is gradually getting colder, that doesn't mean we can't try bold fashion combinations and change our style depending on our mood. For this reason, it is important to familiarize yourself with the latest shoe trends for autumn/winter 2022.

When it comes to clothing, fashion experts have given us some tips on what to wear this season: "Leather Weather" is the mantra of the hour; A leather jacket with a pair of brown leather boots like the Bonifacio goes well with jeans and is a cool outfit idea for a dull day. Cargo pants are also one of the favorites of the season: combined with a pair of lace-up boots from the Billi collection and a sweater with a crew neck, this outfit looks best in cold weather. Let's not forget that camouflage patterns are back in fashion and are seen as an important part of any street outfit: however, they go perfectly with a pair of black men's trend boots like the bugatti Sentra . These boots with a vintage look thanks to the hand finish touch are very comfortable thanks to their replaceable footbed and soft padding.

Considering that drawstring pants and jogging bottoms are the new gold standard in the pants category, we have to think of a perfect option to match our look: if you were thinking of a pair of trendy men's sneakers, you're right! If you ask us, we would choose the white bugatti chunky sneakers for men from the Franc collection . They are a perfect combination of classy and casual. A classic look will always impress or look flawless: wearing solid color sneakers gives you an interesting and mysterious vibe. This season we have chosen the black sneakers with a gold touch on the back from the Cutter collection .

Let's not forget the joy that comes with a long walk on an autumn evening. Enjoying such an activity is only possible if you are comfortable with yourself and your outfit. A casual pair of cognac boots paired with loose pants or comfortable jeans will help keep you comfortable and relaxed.

With the right outfit, going to the office is fun: it can change the whole mood of the day! bugatti business shoes for men are simply the best choice when it comes to a well-groomed and fantastic appearance; Whether you have to attend a formal meeting or just a regular day at the office, these shoes won't disappoint! If you feel like wearing more comfortable clothes, you should opt for sporty business shoes: their quality of relaxation for your feet on a long and tiring day is incomparable.

Did you know that the double breasted jacket is a high fashion trend for this season? Paired with jeans or khakis and with cognac-colored business shoes like the Savio Evo, you will immediately become part of the fashion world. Another twist that has brought back the fashion industry is the 70's trends. The casual wear or “disco outfit” is back! But don't worry if you still have no idea what to wear... bugatti has a solution here. Wear a casual suit without a tie and leave the top buttons undone; Pair this with a pair of modern dress shoes like the Morino to add a touch of our decade and you're good to go. It's a bold trend indeed and not many have the courage to venture out of their comfort zone, but be the icebreaker and dare to try new things! You will feel more confident and people will definitely admire your authenticity.

Winter is not our enemy when it comes to fashion! We have lots of cool ideas to make you look elegant without being bothered by the weather. An important event or party goes perfectly with a pair of elegant business shoes , suit trousers, a white shirt and an imposing coat; A stylish combination with a twist! Leather dress shoes save the day when you need a stylish piece to complete your outfit.

Dear summer, we had a great time, but now we have to make way for an exciting and colorful season full of possibilities and inspiring fashion trends. Until then, we'll make the best of what's left. bugatti wishes you all the best!