With the cozy slippers from bugatti you stay warm and fashionable at home

If you've watched Game of Thrones, you probably know what we mean when we say winter is coming. It's time to prepare yourself.

Winter is coming and when the cold sets in, we spend more time at home. Going out with friends becomes game nights with a glass of wine or we just prefer to relax with a good film marathon. If you have guests at home, prefer working from home or just want to spend your Friday evening in chill mode, you don't have to give up your style. With  the cozy slippers from bugatti you are fashionable, comfortable and well protected from the coming cold.

Here's a list of our best options, it's time to get cozy and warm with fluffy slippers !

The stylish slippers: ideal for when you have visitors

The new Tent model is a perfect example of cool slippers for men . If you have company but you don't want to show off your socks or go barefoot, this option is one of our favorites due to its comfort. Also, since it doesn't look like you're wearing slippers, you can pair them with jeans or your favorite pajamas and create a great look!

Don't worry, we also have a similar model of women's winter slippers. The Tenty model in pink or silver is ideal for women who don't want to lose their glamor at home either. The bright colors and warm lining are just what you need to add a little more joy to your winter outfits.

An option for the elegant

When it comes to pajamas and home, there are two types of people. Those who wear an old stained t-shirt and those who have matching two-piece pajamas and a special robe for going to the kitchen. If you're one of those people who likes to look smart to sleep, we have the perfect model for you: the cognac-colored Nube , our warm slippers for men . This cognac-colored slippers are made of suede and textile, and lined with cozy warm fur padding.

For our elegant ladies we have the Kiko, wonderful cuddly slippers for women that give your pajamas that tasteful touch. These taupe faux fur mules with vulcanized soles and memory padding probably offer the best comfort. Feel like a queen and not only in your dreams!

The best slippers for your home office

We know that wearing pajamas all the time gets boring when we're at home so much. We all want to look good for ourselves too and not just for the rest of the people. The Bolli model is perfect to be comfortable at work from home and to combine it with your favorite looks.

In our offer you will also find the Bobbi , a model of slippers with a footbed for men . If you wear it in the morning while preparing coffee, you will feel like you are on cloud number 9, even if you only take a few steps. And don't worry, we allow you to wear these with socks, we know it has become trendy.

Even if the shoes aren't visible in the zoom video call, what counts is how they make you feel! No one will have an opinion on what you're wearing, but at least you can relax while the WiFi goes down or the mic doesn't recognize you yet again.

Having good slippers for the home is always a must because these are the shoes you will wear every day and will complete your house outfit. At bugatti, we know how important it is to feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Find the perfect complement to your pajama or home office look and stay warm this winter!

 Don't forget that your home is your comfort zone, and there's always more room for a new pair of shoes!