New Trend Alert - shoes made of merino wool, your reliable companions

Merino wool shoes: discomfort is a thing of the past. The new generations are looking for comfort and versatility. Be fashionable, find sustainable products that adapt to a wide variety of everyday situations. Here are four reasons why merino sneakers are the best choice!

Fashionable and comfortable

How many times have you wanted to have a drink with your colleagues after work, but your outfit was too formal for you? Or maybe you have a pair of super cute shoes that you didn't dare wear for fear they would hurt you when you walked? With a pair of wool sneakers you can find the perfect balance between comfort and fashion that you are looking for. They are a key item in your wardrobe due to their versatility. Remember that the trend of wearing a suit with sneakers is here to stay!

One shoe, four seasons. What is merino wool and what are its properties?

You're probably wondering how it can be breathable shoes and still wear them all year round, right? Well, at bugatti we want to follow the trends and constantly develop, so we are always looking for the best materials to offer you a product with many features and durability.

Merino wool is a natural raw material that grows back and is degradable without leaving any residue. Thanks to their thermo-regulating capacity, the merino sneakers adapt to the season in which you wear them. They warm your feet in winter and cool them down when the temperature rises. Since the wool is odorless, they repel the bad smell of sweat. In addition, wool is very easy to care for due to its fiber structure with self-cleaning properties. One of its most amazing properties is that it has a UV protection factor of up to 40+ and is flame retardant as it only catches fire at a temperature of 560 degrees Celsius. It is therefore highly recommended for police and fire brigades. And don't worry, this wool doesn't itch! It is ultra thin and gentle on the skin.

Walk relaxed, because there are breathable shoes for everyone!

Merino wool shoes are designed and thought for you. Their materials were chosen to develop antibacterial shoes. So if things get stressful or you find yourself in a situation that makes you nervous, whether in the office or on a date, you don't need to worry because these breathable shoes protect your feet from bad smells and keep you fresh and give you self-confidence.

The new merino collection has a wide range of colors so that no one is left out. There is a color for every taste. If you are looking for breathable shoes for women, we recommend the Mabel model in orange , with which all eyes will be on you! And if you are interested in breathable men's shoes, the Malte model in blue or black is your ally when it comes to the perfect combination of casual and stylish.

They adapt to all your weekend plans!

We know that we start planning at the weekend and sometimes it becomes a challenge to find different activities. That's why we want to give you some weekend ideas to have fun with your merino wool sneakers, because they will go with you everywhere!

  • a leisurely picnic with wine and cheese: enjoy tasting a new wine paired with some cheese outdoors. Pick a spot with a good view and don't worry if it gets cold because your feet will stay warm.
  • relaxed walk with a new playlist: try "Chill Beats Music" on Spotify or YouTube to find peace and relaxation with physical activity. Don't worry, you'll feel reborn afterwards.
  • Art Gallery: Sometimes we forget that art galleries are a different kind of entertainment, so explore some cultural things to do in your city, you won't regret it.
  • Sunday Yoga: Nothing better to prepare for the week than a good yoga class. It relaxes you and gives you strength for your next challenges. On YouTube you will find many courses that you can do with your merino shoes.
  • Do what you always say you will do but never do. Take the time to do the chores you promised yourself, whether it's fixing part of the house, arranging a trip, or cooking.

We hope you have been inspired and would like to know which of our merino sneakers you will choose. Find your next adventure buddy on bugatti-shoes.com !