Why does everyone wear bugatti shoes? All about our most popular features!

Nowadays there are as many shoes in the shops as there are fish in the sea. Some offer special features and functionality, some don't (and we'd rather not comment on that for now!).

You've probably heard this before, but the bugatti team always strives to offer you the best possible shoe experience. By that we also mean the best features for shoes that give you the feeling of walking on clouds when you wear our bugatti's - no matter what your specific needs are. Therefore, in this post, you will find details of our most popular features. The ones that make you walk comfortably and look good at the same time.

It's no longer news that health professionals recommend that humans walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Even products like smartwatches are designed specifically to count those steps and make us feel like a fitness hero when we achieve them. Regardless of whether you are one of those who regularly walk 10,000 steps or one of those who only occasionally go for a walk, you should know that bugatti shoes with different functions are available for you. They will be adapted to your needs and you can be sure that you have finally found a shoe that fits 100% and is comfortable. Just keep scrolling for all the details!

Comfort wide

If you have feet that are too wide for regular shoes, we can imagine that every time you buy a shoe you'll be waiting for them to adjust to your feet, but let's face it, in reality this never happens. The bugatti Comfort Wide function solves this problem and provides additional space in the front part for free movement of the toes and ball of the foot. And: they are also stylish, as the Savio Evo proves, because this is the perfect example of elegant shoes for wide feet.

Elastic Lace

This feature is ideal for everyone, adults, teenagers or athletes, as they are easy to wear and you don't have to worry about your shoes at all. One of the best things about the Elastic Lace feature is that you can wear it to dance, run, walk or jump and it won't untie! One of our favorite models is the Tinker because it feels like running in socks but with the protection of a quality shoe.

Easy Change

The Easy Change function offers clear solutions to major problems. As with the shoes of the Marcello series, which have a special removable insole so that you can easily swap them out and adapt them to your needs.

Easy lace

We know that many of our readers have a hectic pace of life. Time is just too short to work, have a social life, walk 10,000 steps a day, drink two liters of water, answer all the texts, cook, etc. So for us, spending time with wasting time putting on and taking off shoes. Our Numbis model has the Easy Lace function : just slip it on, tighten it and you're done!

soft fit

So that you can master your everyday life with maximum comfort, bugatti offers shoes with an insole made of premium memory foam with adaptable and soft high-tech insole for the best walking comfort. This technology allows your shoe to adapt perfectly and is recommended to avoid pain when walking. With the large selection of shoes with the soft fit function and good cushioning, you'll feel like you're walking on clouds!

Awesome insole

The cold is coming and it's time to wear boots. Many people are afraid of this type of footwear because they find it uncomfortable, but the Amila model , like all our shoes with the Genial Insole function , has a great basic insole function for soft walking and optimal shock absorption. Heeled boots have never been so cozy!

extra wide

Men's shoes for wide feet? We also offer it, thanks to our Extra Wide feature . The Simone Comfort model , for example, offers you additional space in the forefoot area for freedom of movement for your toes and balls of your feet. Worry no more because comfort is guaranteed.

Our team counts all kinds of people: the fitness nerds, the Netflix lovers, the mindfulness keepers, and the walkers. We're also the first to test our products, whether it's on a foodie or bar tour, or all day at the office. Over time, our individual needs have shown themselves in different everyday situations and we have adapted, developed and equipped our shoes with different functions to meet all needs. Whether you like to walk or not, bugatti shoes are always a good choice . What about you? Do you already know which function is right for you?