Everything to do with caring for your bugatti's shoes

We know that sometimes it is difficult to take proper care of our shoes. It feels like doing laundry for the first time: you wonder if the laundry will come out clean or stained all over. Well, the process is similar for shoes, if we pay attention and follow a few simple steps, everything works fine and we enjoy our bugatti shoes for a long time. Stay until the end, we'll give you all the details for proper shoe care here.

The secret lies in the material

You need to know what material your shoe is made of in order to best care for it. You can find information about the materials used on our website, in the details of the respective products.

Taking care of your leather shoes: don't let that intimidate you!

If you own a pair of Mattia - or other leather shoes, you should take care of them as follows. If you want to clean them, you should first clean them with a soft shoe brush. If you don't have a special brush, you can use a soft toothbrush or a dry, smooth cloth. Remember to remove the laces before the start and always dust the shoes in a circular motion. These are best stored in a place where they are not exposed to direct sunlight so that their color remains protected for a long time.

To care for suede shoes, like the new Zeli , you need to follow a different shoe care routine. If you have a stain on your shoe, use a special brush for that type of leather. The brushing should always be in the same direction, the shoe should be dry and the brush suitable for this material. A water repellent spray is also a very good purchase as moisture is your suede shoe's worst enemy. We recommend storing your suede shoes in cloth bags to avoid scratches.

Merino Wool Sneakers: The ones that don't need your help

With shoes made from merino wool like the Mabel, it is not necessary to wash them very often as they are breathable and antibacterial. However, if they have stains and you want to remove them, you should follow these recommendations: You are welcome to use the washing machine in hand wash or wool wash mode with a low spin (below 800 rpm). However, do not use detergents that contain fabric softeners and do not put anything else in the washing machine, the shoes should go into the wash cycle on their own. One of the most important tips is to let them air dry. Try to keep them in their boxes.

Sneaker: The ones that make us cleaning maniacs

If you own white sneakers like these Orazio , try to put them in a box or at least don't put anything on top of them so they keep their shape. If you want to clean them, we recommend you first use a brush to remove any dust or dirt. Use a cleaning foam to take care of your shoes afterwards. The laces should be washed separately and air dried.

Textile shoes: the ones that keep us in the summer mood

Textile shoes like Ivory Evo are easy to care for because they are not so delicate from the fabric, they can be stored where suits you best because they always return to their original shape. Also cleaning this type of shoes is very easy as they are not so delicate. First you have to remove the dirt from the soles. Then you can use a damp sponge or a brush with a little soapy water to remove stains with circular movements. You can then let the shoes air dry and you're done. You will look like new again!

Synthetic shoes: easy peasy

Synthetic shoes, like the new Tonic , have become a very good option if you're vegan or just don't wear leather. We recommend you to keep them in dry and dark places. If you want to keep your shoes clean, we recommend the following steps: First, thoroughly remove dust with a dry cloth. If you have dirt on your shoes, use a soft sponge with some soap and water and then rub it over the dirt. Finally, remove any soap residue with a dry cloth.

With these care instructions you will become a professional and your shoes will look like new all year round! Remember, if you are unsure about the material of your shoes, you can find this information at the specific product level. Now choose your favorite shoe for women or men and let the fun begin!