Must-have autumn shoes to be trendy in 2021 as well

The crunch of leaves, pumpkin soup, and the smell of cinnamon are some of the things that come to mind when we think of fall. There is something missing to complete the picture though and these are a good pair of fall boots.

As always this season, the boots are the focus of our looks: you can wear a simpler outfit and let the boots spice it up. In this article we show you the must-have shoes from bugatti so that you can stay stylish this season.

Let's talk about shoes: they are the main focus of the season and, as already mentioned, your best ally. They keep you warm and are versatile, you can wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses, leisure or office trousers. Here is a list of our favorites for you!

Autumn shoes for women

The Carolina model is a clear must-have of the season . Beige boots combine beautifully with all textures, whether denim, wool, leather, among others. These tones are used a lot in the fall, but it's becoming increasingly trendy to wear these boots with denim shorts in the summer. The best thing about them is that comfort is provided by memory foam footbeds.

The Fabella model doesn't need much introduction either; these boots have now become a real trend. The sole adds a sporty touch to your looks, while its suede gives you the elegance to balance the outfit.

If you are looking for a pair of bugatti ankle boots for women, the Tai model goes with everything. They're versatile, with a small heel so they can be worn for special occasions, but they're also very comfortable for everyday wear. These ankle boots come in brown and black so you can pick your favorite.

Can you still wear sneakers in cold weather? Why not! Our Lian Evo sneakers in beige and gold tones bring warmth to any outfit you choose to wear. They are comfortable and have a very attractive design, and they are also available in black .

If you're having a birthday party or a date and you want all eyes on you, you know that long boots like Ronja are the best option. They are a key element in any wardrobe, mainly because they allow you to wear a wool dress with tights in autumn or winter and not freeze. They also make us feel feminine and irresistible!

Autumn shoes for men

Boots in cognac are a must when it comes to fall footwear. The Zaro model not only complements your autumn look, but is also very functional thanks to its waterproof function and memory foam and offers you the comfort you need for your autumn walks.

We think it's no news that colors are the new trend for 2021. That's why we at bugatti have developed the Sentos model: red sneakers for men that go well with a completely black look or with beige trousers. Have courage to wear more color!

For those who like a more traditional look but are relaxed at the same time, we have the versatile Arus sneaker . This can be used both at work and in bars, the blue contrast with cognac goes perfectly with your most comfortable jeans.

The Bonifacio Chelsea Boots are one of our favorites from the current selection. They are elegant and match your office outfit. It is the model that never goes out of trend and should be included in every wardrobe.

Thank you for staying to the end! After this crash course, you can call yourself an expert on fall shoe trends. With any of our shoes you can start this fall fashionably without ever getting cold. Now you are ready to jump on the fallen leaves!

And for anyone who doesn't get the pumpkin obsession, here are a few tips:

Things to do with a pumpkin this fall:

  • Use the roasted seeds in your salads. Yummy!
  • How about a pumpkin soup or a pumpkin puree?
  • Get the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Halloween Decorations: Jack-O-Lanterns Everywhere!
  • A pumpkin fondue is also a good idea
  • Give away! Because who doesn't love pumpkins?