bugatti's tips on how to wear sneakers with a suit

It's time to leave the comfort zone. Dressy shoes, as a usual addition to office attire, are widespread and conform to convention.

We say: Dare to break new ground and benefit from convenient side effects. Sneakers are the hip, comfortable alternative to classic shoes with more conservative dress codes. The right pair of sneakers creates a fashionably confident impression. Don't limit your options any longer by conforming to existing standards, show courage outside the beaten path of usual fashion patterns.

Nowadays, suits are becoming elegantly casual leisure wear or are casual variants with stylishly selected sneakers. What matters is the feeling for the respective occasion, to come up with a stylish variant and to express a statement with tastefully selected sneakers . One approach to such creativity is our tip for wearing gray suits with a pair of light gray sneakers from our Alfa collection and a white polo shirt. Of course, the usual standards need to be supplemented, but bugatti offers you a wide range of alternatives for every occasion. Sneakers made of white nappa leather, such as our bugatti Franc model , look classic with navy-blue suits and are an excellent match for a fashionably casual "sneaker wedding".

For a free evening or a rendezvous, the retro approach is ideal: with a pitch-black suit , a pair of high-quality and comfortable low-top Lima sneakers , plus a timeless trilby hat on top, and your appearance gets a very individual and characteristic touch. Alternatively, you can go for a vintage look. Here you can use satin suits with striped shirts and navy blue sneakers from the Percy collection as an expression of fashion sovereignty . The combination of the textile material with real suede makes an impression and attracts attention.

With regard to the change of season, sneakers are simply the perfect choice for smart winter outfits with chic accents. A trench coat, black jeans plus a wool scarf, plus a pair of Gumero sneakers , you already look youthful in a casual way. Casual parties are the ideal occasion for combinations of surron sneakers , beige chinos and simple white t-shirts. If you are looking for office-suitable models, the cutting-edge Cutter collection offers you a first-class selection: Comfort and style are combined here, the combination of nubuck leather with textile material and in connection with a baseball jacket results in a simple but effective Effect.

While suits were previously worn more by men, nowadays they are also a tried and tested stylistic device for women, especially for self-confident women who use fashionable clothing as a means of personal expression. The white Lian Evo sneakers with golden detail applications and logo are a perfect addition to pink suits and achieve a specifically feminine effect with golden accessories. Timelessly simple and gorgeous at the same time: Minimalist sneakers from the Tia collection combined with chinos and an oversized blazer are absolutely suitable for formal occasions or a casual night out. Our Tia sneakers go perfectly with the midi dress: complemented with a large hat and a blazer that emphasizes the waist, you are ready to go. If you prefer monochromatic looks with warm or darker colors, sneakers from the Groove Evo collection will help you articulate your clean aesthetic and look charming with every step.

You can achieve a completely relaxed effect with the iconic look par excellence: wear comfortable, chic Kelli sneakers with profiled soles of maximum flexibility and extremely increased comfort with a turtleneck sweater and black chino pants à la Audrey Hepburne. For dinner with friends, we recommend pairing tailored suits with cropped trousers and suggest pairing them with a pair of powder pink sneakers from the Groove collection and an envelope bag for authentic chic!

All in all, there are bugatti sneakers for every style. This makes it easier for you to try them with formal outfits. If you have a flair for fashion, you will definitely find ideas to incorporate these sporty variations into formal or semi-official outfits. Just go with what works best for you and articulate your fashion ambitions in practice!