Comfort like never before with cozy bugatti slippers

Before the world was turned upside down by the pandemic lockdowns, little attention was paid to a homewear essential that keeps us warm, cozy and stylish at home. That has changed fundamentally.

That has changed fundamentally. Working from home is easier and more common than ever. That's why bugatti is now helping you to upgrade your wardrobe. Our fashionable slippers for you and your loved ones will impress you with their outstanding comfort.

Comfort is the essential factor and consequently bugatti wants to make your stay at home as pleasant as possible whenever you wear our comfortable slippers. The current challenges often make working from home the most practical solution, which is why many people are now wondering whether it might not be worth investing in a pair of good slippers. Our answer is: absolutely yes. So, no matter whether you are currently working in the home office or would like to spoil your feet comfortably in your own four walls, our slippers with durable soles, warmly lined upper material and the usual perfect fit are the ideal choice for you and the whole family.

Now the only question that remains is: Which slippers are the best for your feet? bugatti supports you with really outstanding alternatives to normal slippers.
bugatti's Bobbi leather men's slippers combine the elegance of a business shoe with the comfort of slippers. Their fashionable appearance and distressed finish are ideally complemented by memory foam soles. Designed to support your natural movements and add a touch of ease to your home office routines. Even if they require a certain amount of maintenance, their solid sole guarantees resistance and durability over a very long period of time.

Maybe you're wondering which of our slippers will be the warmest on frosty winter days? Our pick would be bugatti tent winter slippers . These closed men's slippers are made of eco-friendly fur lining, specially developed for a unique sensation of comfort and warmth. The comfort for your feet is raised to a new level thanks to extremely soft footbeds, while easy slipping in and out is supported by very practical straps in a comfortable way.

Dear ladies, as you know, it is very important to appear well-groomed and tasteful at the same time, whether you spend your day in front of the computer or simply with a good book on the couch in the living room. That's why bugatti's Kiko plush slippers are the perfect addition to any outfit, be it cozy sweatshirts or sweet, delicate pajamas. The memory padding of their soles, the extra light cut and the soft inner fur of these cozy slippers spoil your feet so much that they will surely become your best friends at home.

A warm, fluffy pair of women's slippers from our well-fitting, super-warm Dalia collection will grow on you on cold days. The soft textile fur is available in three shades and is supported in a feather-light manner by our high-quality sole construction. Stylish looks and comfort go hand in hand based on a perfect fit and built-in memory to give your feet lightness and flexibility.

So while "new times" have dawned, which influence our lifestyle and thus bring new challenges with them, you can now dive deep into our bugatti slipper collection for him and her to give your everyday life a very special touch with their help .