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Hello December! The last month of the year is here, we all start to get sentimental at this time, family reunion season is upon us, so what do we wear? In this blog post we run a game to help you find your perfect party shoes.

The rules of the game

  1. You must read the following descriptions and then consider which one you identify with.
  2. When you're done, look for the name that matches the number you identified yourself with earlier.
  3. Then visit our website to check the shoes of your group.

Additional rule: If you don't identify with any situation, send us an email and we will help you to find your perfect partner.

Ready? Here we go!

There are as many types of families as there are fish in the sea. Depending on how your family celebrates the holidays, you might need a different dress code, right? Find the number that identifies you to discover your perfect fit from bugatti's festive collection .

  1. There are families who celebrate Christmas or New Year's Eve in a big way with a super complete dinner, all dressed according to the dress code, red Christmas and white New Year's Eve. The whole troupe gathers at the end of the year and plate cards are laid out to assign each guest a seat. A very Kris Jenner-esque party. Whether host or guest, you always have to smile. Click here to enter Go Big or Go Home.
  2. Some families do not like this type of celebration, preferring not to do anything extravagant, preferring to stay at home, order food and send a WhatsApp message to your distant relatives to send well wishes. It's probably been 10 years since the last Christmas tree they put up, and they don't remember how their country's famous goose, turkey, roast beef or the typical holiday meal is prepared. Comfort is so nice, isn't it? Click here to enter "The Grinch".
  3. If some don't like parties, we also have the opposite. Those who love the holidays. They follow all the December traditions, have an advent calendar, wear Christmas-themed sweaters and socks, take pictures of themselves with Santa hats, decorate the whole house and even swap out the salt shakers for themed ones. They also prepare for the New Year, perform all the rituals of abundance, write down their goals for the coming year and wait for 00:00 with yellow underwear. Click here to participate in "The Gringos".
  4. Are children the main addressers of your parties? There's always someone dressed up as Santa Claus or babysitting so the kids can have fun while the grown-ups eat in peace. If you need to distract them while someone is putting the gifts under the tree or escorting them out of fear of the New Year's fireworks, you need to be well prepared. Click here to join "Santa Claus or Babysitter".
  5. Finally, there are the casual Christmas and New Year holidays with scattered and disorganized family members, where one is usually supposed to bring the drinks and the other the dessert, and both end up bringing the drinks. They're the ones who promise each other every time dinner ends that next year they'll be more organized. They are definitely the ones having the most fun at parties. Click here for "Disorganized but chilled".

Discover your perfect party shoes online!

1 - Go big or go home!

If you identify with number one, then you are a go big or go home member. The perfect party shoes for women are the Elara and definitely the bugatti Morino for men .

2 - The Grinch

We think you're the Grinch because it's just another day, right? Then your feet should look relaxed in slippers like the Tent for men and the bugatti Tenty for women .

3 - The gringos

You've already decorated the whole house, haven't you? Then you belong to the gringos. If you've bought all the decorations but you're missing the right shoes, don't be calm. You still have to try out your outfits with some men's party shoes like the bugatti Zeli or some women's New Year's boots like the Big .

4 - Santa Claus or Babysitter.

Are you getting ready to see how you can entertain the little ones? Then your parties will never miss Santa Claus or the day-care center player, so you should be prepared for every game with comfortable Christmas shoes like the bugatti Malte for men or the Mabel for women .

5 - Disorganized but chilled.

If you identify with this group, no matter how disorganized or chilled you are, looking good is still important to you. Maybe not smart, but casually dressed. For that, you need Christmas party shoes like the Safia Revo for women or the Carmelo for men , which will look great whether you're wearing them at Christmas or New Year's Eve.

We hope you enjoyed our game and that you enjoy the shoe recommendations we have for you. We wish you a great December and stay tuned, because bugatti is on board!