New Year's Resolutions for 2022: Ideas to Achieve Your Best Self

The bugatti team wishes everyone a Happy New Year! We hope that you were able to enjoy the good times with your families, friends or pets and that you slipped into the new year fresh and cheerful!

Some people think that the new year doesn't change anything, it's just another conventional day. But the big difference is how we feel. We all need a "restart button", a short break, in order to be able to start the year again with renewed vigour.
With this blog post, we're going to help you achieve some of the typical New Year's resolutions that are repeated every year. 2022 is yours!

Tips against procrastination

If we want to achieve a goal, the most important thing must be drawn out. Being better organized helps us in every way: also to relax and also to concentrate because everything is going according to plan (as well as possible). We can't plan our whole lives, but at least it gives us a guide.
The magic of the night before. The night before, write down all the things you have to do tomorrow on a post-it, in your notebook or a note app. Then add to this list the times when you should complete the tasks. If you're having trouble following a plan, you can also add reminders to your calendar.
A very commonly used app for this is Structured , where you can add your tasks on a daily basis. Otherwise , Google Calendar is also a good choice.

Tidy house, clear mind. A tidy house allows you to keep a clear head and do your chores in peace. Start the year by donating or throwing away things you no longer use. Old pots and pans can be given away in Facebook groups, clothes can be donated to a thrift store. At IKEA you will find many items for closet organization, belt dividers or protective shoe bags. Side note: Here's a useful article on how to properly care for your shoes .

Tips for a healthy lifestyle

If getting healthier is one of your New Year's resolutions but you don't know where to start, this is your chance. Being healthy has become a trend in recent years, but it's a trend we welcome!

Set yourself realistic goals from the start, and don't expect to see results tomorrow, just take it one step at a time. Start the first week of the year by replacing sugary drinks with water, the second week try to say goodbye to fast food, and then you can try to stop snacking between meals, etc.

Once you've settled into your new habits, you can start preparing meals to save time. To do this, you should remember that all your meals should contain carbohydrates, plant or animal proteins, fiber and fats. Don't forget to watch the amounts, nuts are healthy, but very high in fat and calories, they should not be eaten in excess.

*Extra tip: Pay attention to the ingredients of the foods you buy, these are sorted from highest to lowest quantity, meaning if a food item lists the word "sugar" as the first or second ingredient, it means it's almost complete consists of sugar.

Tips for creating a fitness plan

If you want to include an exercise routine in addition to a more conscious diet, it's good to create a fitness plan so we don't waste time improvising.
With the new Covid restrictions, you might be able to try an at-home fitness plan. There are videos on YouTube for beginners like Mady Morrison's, three or four videos a week is ideal. However, if you are interested in the gym, the free app Strong is good for finding new exercises by muscle group. Find a good running app to know all about your accomplishments, such as runkeeper . For people who are more into functionally combined exercises, we suggest finding an app that offers many routines with videos that let you listen to music while working out, try Sweat . That's how it stays motivating!

Develop your own sleep routine

"Why can't I sleep even though I'm tired?" The million dollar question. Often the stress of the day comes with us when it's time to fall asleep. We toss and turn for hours before falling asleep, and that's a clear sign that you're not having a good sleep routine. Some recommendations for setting up a sleep routine are to set your phone to night mode after 9:00 p.m. to allow your eyes to rest from the phone's light. With today's social media addiction, people often scroll through Facebook or Instagram before bed, but it's better to put the phone away and maybe read a book or stretch your body.
Put on comfortable pajamas, which you best combine with cozy slippers like the bugatti tent , to have a relaxed body and mind before bed. When falling asleep is difficult because the days are rough, the Calm app is a great way to help you fall asleep. You won't even notice it and wake up rested the next morning. It helps you relax every part of your body through your mind.

Here are some money-saving tricks

If you think you want to save some money this year, the first thing you could do is create an annual budget to help you get an idea of ​​how much you could save if you put your mind to it. You can find an annual budget template in Google Drive. A good way to shop smarter is to include all offers from the e-commerce world, such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, seasonal discounts, etc. in your calendar. Our bugatti winter sale is currently running: if you need new shoes, this is the best time to do it!

We hope that these tips from bugatti will help you to fulfill your New Year's resolutions for 2022. We send you the best energy to realize your project. bugatti shoes are always by your side!